rrjkim36 http://rrjkim36.tarlog.com/author/16204/ rrjkim36 به قلم rrjkim36 rrjkim36 fa air max direct http://rrjkim36.tarlog.com/post/5/ <p>Revenue means that Juventus has 60.4 million euros, if we can go further, will also get more than 6 million, with part of the money to be put on the winter market, Allegri locking top target is the 10th perotti of Genoa. Juventus of Champions League money way: into knockout 60.4 million has hand although didn't can wish got group first, but in home and Atletico of quiz somehow also is let Zebra Regiment avoid has Shang season late round folding halberd of embarrassing repeated, killed into Champions League knockout, means with Zebra Regiment will has 60.4 million euro of proceeds coming, distance team 2012-2013 season created of Champions League Supreme bonus income 65.3 million euro only has near of away. Of course, if we can go further, the Bianconeri this season's Champions League prize money will reach  <a href="http://www.airmax-thea.uk.com/">air max thea</a> 66.7 million, of course, it needs the old lady down state is not ideal for Dortmund this season. Also, if you can move, bonuses will continue to accumulate, semi-final to 73.2 million euros recorded kills in the finals was 79.9 million, champion was 83.9 million euros. 2012-2013 start of the season, Juve's Champions League nearly had amounted to 175.8 million euros, and 19 March before the UEFA Champions League, Juventus for a total bonus of just 210 million. Champions League prize money was indeed gone up in recent years. But Juventus had no title in recent years, hoping to gain more money more difficult. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper, 60.4 million euros in prize money will be partially used in the winter transfer market.<br><br><br><br>Due to the Super Bowl the past two seasons, Juventus beat Napoli and Lazio, 2nd in the history of the tournament to complete even if this battle in Qatar beat Napoli, Juventus became the dynasty era of AC Milan from 1992 to 1994 after 3 consecutive championships, first in the event complete PA 3 even teams. Meanwhile, 10th will reach the number of Juventus won 7 times, overwhelmed fellow 6 times, Milan, Italy team won Super Bowl the most times. Unfortunately, twice leading the Bianconeri in the conventional time case, Napoli striker Gonzalo higuain scored twice and 2nd conceding even as late as the 28th minute of extra time. Penalties, Juve also won twice, <a href="http://www.airmax-thea.uk.com/nike-air-max-direct-c-11.html">air max direct</a>  but is still unable to achieve victory. Recalling Italy Super Cup history, played the Tournament 3 years in a row and only the three northern governorates is strong, but in 2005 and 2006 Inter Milan completed even after the Zhuang, 2007 was killed by Daniele de Rossi, failed the 3-time defending Champ, the only 3-time defending Champ honor still belongs to Milan. For Naples, and this win is very valuable, the team played a total of 3 times in history Italy Super Cup, and once in 1990 when Maradona's team won the Championship. At that time, the team by a wide margin with 5-1 swept home with Roberto Baggio, Juventus.<br><br><br><br><br>There have also visited Doha for an intensive training with Schalke, Schalke started on January 5, the whole team during the winter training, preparations in Doha on January 6 to 16th. Besides Frankfurt and Hamburg, you will go to another country in the Middle East Saudi Arabia carried out in winter. Borussia Dortmund in the first half of the season bad and the Club expects rebound based on winter training back in the second half made. January 8-16Day, Dortmund will travel to Spain training of Moramanga, Dortmund, the past couple of seasons have been at this seaside resort in winter. On January 24, after returning to the Dortmund will play a warm-up match in Dusseldorf. Also this winter to Spain training in Bundesliga with Freiburg and Mainz, while Stuttgart are going to Spain's neighbour Portugal in winter. Bremen, the Bundesliga side, Augsburg, Hanover, padeboen, Hertha BSC Berlin 6 teams all chose Turkey Belek Beach City in winter.  <br></p> Thu, 05 Feb 2015 19:40:16 UTC http://rrjkim36.tarlog.com/comments/5/ nike air max 95 http://rrjkim36.tarlog.com/post/4/ <p>Meanwhile, Juventus will be shared by Sampdoria's Italy striker jiabiyadini transfer, to recycle a certain amount of money. Allegri has owned Tevez, Llorente, Morata, Sebastian Giovinco and Coleman 5 name striker, has no intention of jiabiyadini recovery. Adelman hopes the club during the winter transfer period to introduce a core player up front, plus a central defender. According to previously Turin media of reported, Zhongwei aspects, Juventus very has may recycling loan to Empoli of 20 age high dive Nova Roghani, and in frontcourt aspects, Allegri phase of is Genoa 10th, perotti, the 26 age of Sevilla old will can competent playmaker or winger, around feet strength balanced, breakthrough and the passing capacity furniture better, 囧 tert-hopes he of coming can must degree Shang upgrade team attack end of delicate degrees and technology standard. On loan Juventus or Coleman into his deal with Genoa. Also possible is Sebastian Giovinco, Atom Ant's contract expires in June next year, in winter, be sold higher probability of, or a foreign Club or his home in Turin. If you are unable to successfully <a href="http://www.airmax-thea.uk.com/nike-air-max-95-c-21.html">nike air max 95</a>  introduce perotti, Juventus may also be recovered from Sassuolo popular striker Zaza. 2-0 win over Napoli after the match, Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani said: I saw our friend Carlo Ancelotti at the Christmas play. Inzaghi also admitted stealing teachers relish: it's true that I want to decorate the Christmas tree formation opposing midfielders.<br><br><br><br><br>First time in 22 years, when Napoli into the Super Bowl, but lost to Juventus in overtime, and two years later defeated Juventus, Serie the Blues also had a revenge. The past 26 Italy Super Cup, winning League title 20 times, Cup champions scored 6 wins in total. Napoli's win has fully proved the Cup is not a soft touch, become also in 2009 after Lazio beat inter 2-1, <a href="http://www.airmax-thea.uk.com/nike-air-max-plus-tn-c-42.html">air max plus</a> first sit on the throne of super bowls in 5 years Italy Cup. Who is recognized by the media and fans United most transforming player this season. How many people believe the answer was somewhat surprised: Fellaini. Last season, also was criticized by the media and has sold millions of giant, has transformed itself from the wreck before thoroughly the anchor pin for Manchester United. Last summer, United's new manager David Moyes for 27.5 million pounds at the last moment from the hands of his old Club Everton stole love Fellaini at the time, the deal was supposed to be a lot of people have publicly applauded the sale, wiry, and outstanding forward awareness of Belgium, tough guy, seems to fit in to make up for the Manchester United midfielder's weak and inadequate. But wait until after the season started, Fellaini has completely let people disappointed.<br><br><br><br><br>Dilute zhe Zhang joined Wolfsburg in the distant South Africa city of Cape Town for winter training, January 5 Wolfsburg players will report to the Club, in Germany after domestic training for a few days, January 11 visiting South Africa and training until January 18. Wolfsburg are still in South Africa have arranged two friendlies, rivals are the South Africa local teams Ajax Cape Town and cipupa. End South Africa trip after returning home, Karlsruhe and Wolfsburg will play a warm-up match. If dilute zhe Zhang will play several warm-up matches and that would help his coach and coach's trust as soon as possible. Also going to South Africa during winter of Hoffenheim, but their training venue in Johannesburg. Asia, Europe, Africa, the Bundesliga team for winter training, but America also introduced two Bundesliga teams. FC Cologne and Bayer Leverkusen will be visiting the United States training in Orlando, and Orlando, and then also in two of the Brazil team Corinthians, Fluminense arranged warm-up.<br></p> Thu, 05 Feb 2015 19:39:50 UTC http://rrjkim36.tarlog.com/comments/4/ nike air max classic bw http://rrjkim36.tarlog.com/post/3/ <p>Milan, back to Christmas trees to repel enemies, 4321 shape is precisely the rossoneri then climb to the Summit of the world's signature tactics. Milan VS Napoli lineup: Lopez/bonera, Philippe mexes, and Pascal Lamy, Almero/Polly, and de Jong, Montolivo/Honda, and Bonaventura/meineiruyinzhaji said, he put on against Naples Christmas tree formation, <a href="http://www.airmax-thea.uk.com/nike-air-max-90-c-1.html">nike air max 90</a>  more for tele-targeted placement, were not interested in nostalgia. When it comes to Christmas trees, will the team play to the extreme effectiveness precisely Inzaghi during Milan's teacher of Carlo Ancelotti, Carlo returning now in charge of Real Madrid, and even specially for the tactical system and has written a book, is called ' my Christmas tree, with detailed data and examples in the book, resolve this tactic was the key to success. 4321 formation of Milan from 2002 to 2007 a huge success, Serie a and the Italy Cup Italy Super Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and the Club World Cup title took over. When it comes to Christmas tree formation, Milan started using it in the 2002-2003 season, apart from Ancelotti the needs to enhance team effectiveness, for Milan President Silvio Berlusconi called, like attacking Berlusconi always ask Ann cute pose 3 strikers stormed.<br><br><br><br><br>Neither team's offense and defense conversion, or in front of Everton's most impressive scoring at Old Trafford, Fellaini has not demonstrated his ability. Time, Fellaini seems to be lost in most uses of Moyes's hand. In fact, just before the start of this season, marouane Fellaini's future at Manchester United, still looked bleak. Because Louis van Gaal has their own ideas and thoughts, Fellaini's poor showing last season that he could not see media rumours, marouane Fellaini will be Louis van Gaal coached Manchester United after first cleaning object. Initially landed clubs RSVPs to today's dismal performance on the brink of being cleaned, Fellaini caught in lowest point of his career. But things can change sometimes is that people are not allowed to, at a time when everything seemed moving in the direction of the worst, Fellaini was suddenly ushered in the rebirth under  <a href="http://www.airmax-thea.uk.com/nike-air-max-classic-bw-c-40.html">nike air max classic bw</a> Louis van Gaal. Manchester United earlier in the season this season stages performed badly, but as the season progressed, the Red Devils have great recovery trend.<br><br><br>Bundesliga Giants Bayern Munich is without a doubt the most successful team to date this season, teams 2 wheel lock early Bundesliga halfway champion honors, this is Bayern's 20th half champion honors in history. In the history of the Bundesliga after 34 of 51 Bundesliga halfway champion team won the final Championship. And Bayern's record in even more dire, 19 times before half the Team Championship 16 times. In addition, Bayern is the cleanest team this season, teams 12 times to eat yellow not red in Freiburg, both teams played a total of only 8 turnovers, created Bundesliga history. Dortmund's lackluster performance this season began in the 9th second of the season, when beilalabi kintell mistakes when scoring a goal, Dortmund is destined to become the Bundesliga this season's background. Dortmund, watch your opponents create a record of the fastest goal in Bundesliga history. In addition, the Dortmund Cologne, watching players Voigt to the rival Club's 1500th goal in team history.  <br></p> Thu, 05 Feb 2015 19:39:20 UTC http://rrjkim36.tarlog.com/comments/3/ air max tr 180 http://rrjkim36.tarlog.com/post/2/ <p>Ancelotti's hands aside from Filippo Inzaghi and Andriy Shevchenko and not to force strikers to choose, but the number 10th is richer, why he chose the compromise formations. Against Naples of game, Inzaghi no select Let frontcourt Trident a word row opened, main wings, instead let Bonaventura and the Honda Kyu Yow more near road, and location relative by Hou, as team arrow of Manor constantly to line and the slash runs, more from jumps launched attack, relies on speed and inventory with capacity protruding into the area Hou manufacturing threat, this and when Inzaghi as arrow Shi of Christmas tree formation distinct, because to capture fighter Kyo of Super skin wave basic stayed in area within. Filippo Inzaghi giving Bonaventura and Honda's mission is to capture the Napoli defence and midfield area appears in the way that playing the team conceded after robbing the first cordon. Despite good results achieved at the time of the match against Napoli, but still is super Pippo Inzaghi has no intention of switching to 4321,433 the main choices. However, Ancelotti's Christmas <a href="http://www.airmax-thea.uk.com/nike-air-max-1-c-14.html">nike air max 1</a>  tree is not a fixed constant, some players for the tactical need to leave their usual position, while Ancelotti coached during two periods-4321 are slightly different: ambush in a lone striker Andriy Shevchenko and Rivaldo behind Inzaghi and Rui Costa, later replaced with Kaka and Clarence Seedorf.<br><br><br><br><br>Their last 7 games in the Premier League, they have achieved 6 WINS and 1 draw results, quietly climbed to third place in the standings, behind the scenery, Fellaini's role in Manchester United must not be ignored. Marouane Fellaini in the season exactly how nice. Have data to prove it. Has conducted 17 rounds of the Barclays Premier League this season, marouane Fellaini made 11 appearances for the Club, although there is no dedicated assists, but he scored 2 goals for the Club, appeared in a 2-1 victory over Stoke City and 2-2, respectively in the match draw against West Bromwich Albion. In addition, in 11 games, he completed a 16-shot, well done a competent midfield player's forward offensive task. In addition on the defensive end, the explosion first League so far, 76 had succeeded in blocking effective steals and 16. An entire season, and last season, marouane Fellaini <a href="http://www.airmax-thea.uk.com/nike-air-max-tr-180-c-6.html">air max tr 180</a>  only played 19 times for the Club, a goal not only one assist, and overall just 30 shots. Today, at a time when there were less than half of the season, Fellaini has been completed by more than half the workload of last season, and also had 2 goals, all in all, in the hands of van Gaal, Fellaini good finish he needs to complete the task.<br><br><br><br><br>Memorable No. 800 in Dortmund the Bundesliga League title, the team lost to arch-rivals Schalke on the road. Worth noting is that this is Dortmund No. 350 defeat in team history. Many Bundesliga teams this season ushered in record time, Kramer, on behalf of the Bundesliga side scored No. 2700 Premier League goal in the clubs history. In the same game, Werder's rank and dimension odd Yunus also scored a goal, which is No. 2900 League goal Bremen team history. In addition, Modeste scored in the Bundesliga League Hoffenheim history No. 48000Goals scored. Hipper appeared on the referee finished No. 200 German law enforcement, among the Bundesliga referees in 12th place. Also, of course, disappointed that record, such as the traditional teams Hamburg created 507 minutes scoring record this season, the longest goal drought in Bundesliga history. Since this summer with the Germany national team won the World Cup title, the 23 year old Germany midfielder Titans Kramer, a gun and red, suddenly attracted the interest of many teams. In addition to his Borussia on loan outside want to activate buy-out clause introduced Kramer, Chelsea, Benfica, arsenal, Real Madrid and other foreign teams also intends to introduce this good at running the Germany midfield player.  <br></p> Thu, 05 Feb 2015 19:38:55 UTC http://rrjkim36.tarlog.com/comments/2/ vibram five fingers http://rrjkim36.tarlog.com/post/1/ <p>But lately, Kramer decides I'm afraid to disappoint his suitors, he and Leverkusen extension until the year 2019, decided to stay drug companies. According to the Germany newspaper Bild revelations, said kelamoxin contract was earning 3 million euros. From the start last season, Kramer has been on loan to Borussia effectiveness, but he and Leverkusen's contract to expire until the summer of 2017. Cramer has repeatedly said in an interview, continues to remain in effect, in addition to this he also revealed willingness to join overseas clubs. News, La Liga giants Real Madrid intends to introduce Kramer as Sami Khedira's successor, and the Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho and arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger was more attracted to Kramer. But Kramer finally opted to stay at Bayer Leverkusen, and recently he was with Bayer Leverkusen contract to 2019Years, will end his lease back to pharmaceutical companies at the end of the season. Kramer said in an interview, although there were many invitations from other teams, but he decided to stay at Bayer Leverkusen, Leverkusen team-building ideas to impress myself, there is no doubt that other teams ' interest is very important to me. When other teams expressed interest to me when that will surely let me being excited.  <br><br><br><br><br>The 2007 Champions League final Milan lineup: Dida/Massimo Oddo, Alessandro Nesta, Paolo Maldini, Marek Jankulovski/Rino Gattuso, Andrea Pirlo, Massimo Ambrosini and Kaka, Clarence Seedorf and Filippo Inzaghi Milan's lineup was clearly unable to keep Ancelotti than teams no longer have Alessandro Nesta, Paolo Maldini, Andrea Pirlo, Clarence Seedorf, Rui Costa, Kaka, Filippo Inzaghi and Andriy Shevchenko to the top players. Year two compared to the rossoneri team conquered the Champions League, Milan's task now is to return to finish in the top three, and return to the Champions League. Brazil World Cup Robben has a fantastic play, <a href="http://www.airmax-thea.uk.com/nike-blazer-mid-c-12.html">nike blazer mid</a>  after returning to Bayern Munich also continues the outstanding form. Arjen Robben back after injury has been outstanding this season, is the most dangerous player in Bayern. In the Bundesliga game against Freiburg, Robben headed Bayern's opener opens doors to victory. Representatives of the score from Robben Bayern Munich scoring his 100th goal, Robben finally into Bayern's best ball club. Played at Bayern, Robben scored 100 goals in 185 appearances 65 assists is amazing. Can be said at Bayern's Arjen Robben, is the strongest Arjen Robben. The first half, Bayern face Freiburg has not assumed a 5-man defence measures, the opponent's aggressive defense is to let Bayern players again and again failed. Arjen Robben to come forward at this time, he played 41 minutes partner Franck ribery's pass headed.<br><br><br><br><br>Paul Scholes has retired, Manchester United have been looking to find a proper midfield Maestro, Fellaini at the same level, of course, does not actually reach the attainment of ginger, but the Manchester United midfielder now is people who lack the skills or the ability to break through well, at this time, fiddle styles of players like marouane Fellaini, but it is United's most needed. Lenovo last year when marouane Fellaini sat on the bench to play with the mobile scene, now on the Court of RSVPs Belgium completed a magnificent turn and Manchester United's patience, let the joke very well also be confirmed: the strongest man in the squad. December 23, <a href="http://www.airmax-thea.uk.com/vibram-womens-c-26.html">vibram five fingers</a>   NetEase sports report: Chelsea 2-0 win over stoke, Manchester City beat them by 3 points, 2014-15 the Christmas season the Premier League Championship. Terry scored after 95 seconds is undoubtedly the most crucial, Chelsea Captain scored the first goal in the Premier League this season. United Kingdom media, jokes that for Chelsea, Christmas Merry Christmas was Terry Terry Christmas. 34-year old Terry, scored 15 consecutive seasons in the Premier League, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, John Terry, these fossils represent a kind of stick to the spirit in the Premier League.<br></p> Thu, 05 Feb 2015 19:38:04 UTC http://rrjkim36.tarlog.com/comments/1/