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Revenue means that Juventus has 60.4 million euros, if we can go further, will also get more than 6 million, with part of the money to be put on the winter market, Allegri locking top target is the 10th perotti of Genoa. Juventus of Champions League money way: into knockout 60.4 million has hand although didn't can wish got group first, but in home and Atletico of quiz somehow also is let Zebra Regiment avoid has Shang season late round folding halberd of embarrassing repeated, killed into Champions League knockout, means with Zebra Regiment will has 60.4 million euro of proceeds coming, distance team 2012-2013 season created of Champions League Supreme bonus income 65.3 million euro only has near of away. Of course, if we can go further, the Bianconeri this season's Champions League prize money will reach  air max thea 66.7 million, of course, it needs the old lady down state is not ideal for Dortmund this season. Also, if you can move, bonuses will continue to accumulate, semi-final to 73.2 million euros recorded kills in the finals was 79.9 million, champion was 83.9 million euros. 2012-2013 start of the season, Juve's Champions League nearly had amounted to 175.8 million euros, and 19 March before the UEFA Champions League, Juventus for a total bonus of just 210 million. Champions League prize money was indeed gone up in recent years. But Juventus had no title in recent years, hoping to gain more money more difficult. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper, 60.4 million euros in prize money will be partially used in the winter transfer market.

Due to the Super Bowl the past two seasons, Juventus beat Napoli and Lazio, 2nd in the history of the tournament to complete even if this battle in Qatar beat Napoli, Juventus became the dynasty era of AC Milan from 1992 to 1994 after 3 consecutive championships, first in the event complete PA 3 even teams. Meanwhile, 10th will reach the number of Juventus won 7 times, overwhelmed fellow 6 times, Milan, Italy team won Super Bowl the most times. Unfortunately, twice leading the Bianconeri in the conventional time case, Napoli striker Gonzalo higuain scored twice and 2nd conceding even as late as the 28th minute of extra time. Penalties, Juve also won twice, air max direct  but is still unable to achieve victory. Recalling Italy Super Cup history, played the Tournament 3 years in a row and only the three northern governorates is strong, but in 2005 and 2006 Inter Milan completed even after the Zhuang, 2007 was killed by Daniele de Rossi, failed the 3-time defending Champ, the only 3-time defending Champ honor still belongs to Milan. For Naples, and this win is very valuable, the team played a total of 3 times in history Italy Super Cup, and once in 1990 when Maradona's team won the Championship. At that time, the team by a wide margin with 5-1 swept home with Roberto Baggio, Juventus.

There have also visited Doha for an intensive training with Schalke, Schalke started on January 5, the whole team during the winter training, preparations in Doha on January 6 to 16th. Besides Frankfurt and Hamburg, you will go to another country in the Middle East Saudi Arabia carried out in winter. Borussia Dortmund in the first half of the season bad and the Club expects rebound based on winter training back in the second half made. January 8-16Day, Dortmund will travel to Spain training of Moramanga, Dortmund, the past couple of seasons have been at this seaside resort in winter. On January 24, after returning to the Dortmund will play a warm-up match in Dusseldorf. Also this winter to Spain training in Bundesliga with Freiburg and Mainz, while Stuttgart are going to Spain's neighbour Portugal in winter. Bremen, the Bundesliga side, Augsburg, Hanover, padeboen, Hertha BSC Berlin 6 teams all chose Turkey Belek Beach City in winter. 

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