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Milan, back to Christmas trees to repel enemies, 4321 shape is precisely the rossoneri then climb to the Summit of the world's signature tactics. Milan VS Napoli lineup: Lopez/bonera, Philippe mexes, and Pascal Lamy, Almero/Polly, and de Jong, Montolivo/Honda, and Bonaventura/meineiruyinzhaji said, he put on against Naples Christmas tree formation, nike air max 90  more for tele-targeted placement, were not interested in nostalgia. When it comes to Christmas trees, will the team play to the extreme effectiveness precisely Inzaghi during Milan's teacher of Carlo Ancelotti, Carlo returning now in charge of Real Madrid, and even specially for the tactical system and has written a book, is called ' my Christmas tree, with detailed data and examples in the book, resolve this tactic was the key to success. 4321 formation of Milan from 2002 to 2007 a huge success, Serie a and the Italy Cup Italy Super Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and the Club World Cup title took over. When it comes to Christmas tree formation, Milan started using it in the 2002-2003 season, apart from Ancelotti the needs to enhance team effectiveness, for Milan President Silvio Berlusconi called, like attacking Berlusconi always ask Ann cute pose 3 strikers stormed.

Neither team's offense and defense conversion, or in front of Everton's most impressive scoring at Old Trafford, Fellaini has not demonstrated his ability. Time, Fellaini seems to be lost in most uses of Moyes's hand. In fact, just before the start of this season, marouane Fellaini's future at Manchester United, still looked bleak. Because Louis van Gaal has their own ideas and thoughts, Fellaini's poor showing last season that he could not see media rumours, marouane Fellaini will be Louis van Gaal coached Manchester United after first cleaning object. Initially landed clubs RSVPs to today's dismal performance on the brink of being cleaned, Fellaini caught in lowest point of his career. But things can change sometimes is that people are not allowed to, at a time when everything seemed moving in the direction of the worst, Fellaini was suddenly ushered in the rebirth under  nike air max classic bw Louis van Gaal. Manchester United earlier in the season this season stages performed badly, but as the season progressed, the Red Devils have great recovery trend.

Bundesliga Giants Bayern Munich is without a doubt the most successful team to date this season, teams 2 wheel lock early Bundesliga halfway champion honors, this is Bayern's 20th half champion honors in history. In the history of the Bundesliga after 34 of 51 Bundesliga halfway champion team won the final Championship. And Bayern's record in even more dire, 19 times before half the Team Championship 16 times. In addition, Bayern is the cleanest team this season, teams 12 times to eat yellow not red in Freiburg, both teams played a total of only 8 turnovers, created Bundesliga history. Dortmund's lackluster performance this season began in the 9th second of the season, when beilalabi kintell mistakes when scoring a goal, Dortmund is destined to become the Bundesliga this season's background. Dortmund, watch your opponents create a record of the fastest goal in Bundesliga history. In addition, the Dortmund Cologne, watching players Voigt to the rival Club's 1500th goal in team history. 

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